How to talk on chat

How to talk on bingo chatThe first time that you join a bingo chat, you may think “what are they talking about? It is impossible to understand this…”. Don’t panic; it’s normal. The language used in bingo is a little bit different and it is quite similar to how we communicate via SMS (short forms, abbreviations, letter and numerical combinations, etc.) because some of the players play from mobile devices using small keyboards.

Another reason is that online bingo is a very fast game, and while customers are playing they are also talking to other roomies on chat and taking part in small chat games. Is it possible to keep up? Of course it is!

As we said before, don’t worry because after a few games you will be an expert with all this “bingo slang”. Have a look at the list below to see the most common abbreviations and short forms used in online bingo.

Bingo abbreviations


  • AFK

    away from keyboard

  • AKA

    also known as

  • ASAP

    as soon as possible

  • BIAM

    back in a minute

  • BBL

    be back later

  • BBS

    be back soon

  • BF


  • BLNT

    better luck next time

  • BRB

    be right back

  • BTW

    by the way

  • CYA

    see ya

  • CYAL8R

    see ya later

  • FAIK

    far as I know

  • FAQ

    frequently asked questions

  • FYI

    for your information

  • GF


  • GG

    good going (good game)

  • GL

    good luck

  • GLA

    good luck all

  • GLE

    good luck everyone

  • GM

    good morning

  • GMTA

    great minds think alike

  • GN

    good night

  • GTSY

    glad to see you

  • HB

    hurry back

  • HHIS

    hanging head in shame

  • IC

    I see


    if you know what I mean

  • IRL

    in real life

  • JK

    just kidding

  • JMO

    just my opinion


    just to let you know

  • KIT

    keep in touch

  • KOTC

    kiss on the cheek

  • KOTL

    kiss on the lips

  • L8R


  • LMAO

    laughing my @$$ off

  • LOL

    laughing out loud

  • LTNS

    long time no see

  • LY

    love ya


    nobody ever tells us anything

  • NP

    no problem

  • OIC

    oh, I see

  • OMG

    oh my goodness (gawd)

  • OTOH

    on the other hand

  • PM

    private message

  • PMSL

    peed myself laughing

  • PPL


  • QT


  • ROFL

    rolling on floor laughing

  • RTSM

    read the stupid manual

  • SO

    significant other

  • SOH

    sense of humour failure

  • SRY


  • SWAK

    sealed with a kiss

  • SWL

    screaming with laughter

  • SYS

    see you soon

  • TC

    take care

  • TOY

    thinking of you

  • TPTB

    the powers that be

  • WDW

    well done winner

  • WD

    well done

  • TTFN

    ta ta for now

  • TTYL

    talk to you later

  • TX


  • TY

    thank you

  • TYVM

    thank you very much

  • VEG

    very evil grin

  • WB

    welcome back

  • WTG

    way to go

  • WTH

    what/who the heck


    what you see is what you get

  • YBS

    you’ll be sorry

  • YSR

    yeah… sure… right

  • YVW

    you’re very welcome

  • YW

    you’re welcome

  • (((name)))