Free Spins Bingo No-Deposit & Welcome Offers

Free spins offer for bingoFree spins offer have become much more popular in recent times amongst bingo sites as well as slots and casino sites, especially those geared towards mobile bingo or mobile slots. In bingo, free spins may be given as an additional plus aside from the welcome bonus, although it is become increasingly frequent to find that free spins are being offered as the only offer for new players. This in itself may seem a bit strange especially when welcome bonuses have gotten bigger and bigger over the years but is not necessarily a bad thing.

They can also be given away as a no deposit bingo deal, where you get free spins just for registering without having to make an initial deposit, although these are fewer and far between.

Strings attached

Free spins allow players to try a slot game without spending their own money. If you lose you don’t actually lose anything, and if you win then the winnings are awarded as a bonus. as with anything there are always strings attached as winnings from these games may come with higher wagering requirements than regular spins.

It is important to read the small print and terms and conditions of any offers, usually which games are covered with the free spins, how the winnings are awarded and how many free spins you actually get. Another thing to take into consideration is that some sites do have a maximum amount of cashable winnings from free spins offers. So even if you do win big, you will only be able to cash out a certain amount regardless of the wagering requirements.

Having said all this, free spins allows players to have a risk free flutter on a certain slot game or sometimes even several games, depending on the offer. From the perspective of the bingo or slots site free spins make sense since they are not giving away bonuses which can be open to abuse. It is also a way to give new players something which is not particularly complicated, as bonuses can get a bit tricky, working as a percentage of any amount deposited, up to a certain amount, some credit immediately, others you have to claim…it can be a bit much sometimes.

Spin the wheel

Another type of free spin is that offered as a ‘Spin the wheel’ offer for bingo sites. This can either be as an additional offer to the welcome bonus (thus ensuring players make a deposit) where you can win anything up to £2500 (although being realistic the chances of winning the top amount is quite remote!), or as the only welcome offer after registering your card details.

Spin the wheel is different to free spins in a slot site as it is distinct and does form part of any slot game. Also you have a guaranteed prize after you spin and you only spin once for your prize. Usually (and realistically) the prizes can be small, although of late there are bingo sites which have been offering ‘spin the wheel’ offers in order to win a certain number of free spins at particular slots games!

There are many different variations of these ‘Spin the Wheel’ offers, so always read the the terms and conditions and be aware that there will strings attached to any winnings.