Mobile bingo & apps

Playing bingo on the go could not be simpler. Nowadays there are plenty of options to not be stuck playing behind a computer or laptop and you can play your favourite games on your tablet or mobile without having to miss a thing. What is best is that more and more sites are joining the mobile revolution and featuring this option for their players. The sites listed are the ones that have the facility to play on your mobile or tablet.

How do you play bingo on your mobile?

Playing on a mobile device is relatively simple and now that iOS App Store allows real money gambling apps there has been a flurry of bingo sites which have adapted to new behaviours of bingo players as many like to play on the go or in the comfort of a small device such as a smartphone or a tablet.  The first step is to register with a bingo site and then you will be directed to or provided a link to download the app from wither iOS App Store with a single click, log in and play.  If you are using Android the process may be a little different. You may not have to download an app and you can simply play on your browser. Google Play does not allow real money gambling apps on their service so any Android apps will be available on the individual bingo sites. This means that the setting your mobile device which disallows installing apps from sources other than Google Play will need to be disabled, even if only momentarily to download and install.

App versus responsive

A responsive site is one that adapts it’s viewing and player experience to the size of the device the user has. By default most sites will comply with responsiveness these days. Whether there is an app or you can play directly on your browser depends on the bingo site, but should not hinder your gaming experience. The bingo rooms, chat, and side games will be optimised for playing on a mobile device. It is worth noting that an app is an independent piece of software that gets installed on your phone or tablet. It is direct and more accessible but it may request more information from your device allowing bingo operators to interact with your device. This is not generally an issue, but those who are more security conscious may prefer other options.  Either way mobile bingo is more common than it ever was and is perfectly safe and as much fun as playing on your desktop or laptop.