About Bingopower

  • What is bingopower?

    Bingopower is an online bingo comparison site. We have been listing and reviewing sites since 2005. A lot has changed since then, and we gather all the information from bingo sites to give you the best possible overview and choice in the way of independent reviews and bonus information. We believe in giving the user full control over the information available so they can choose the site that is best for them. Aside from our recommendations you can use our tools and sliders to find exactly what you are looking for.

  • What is our aim?

    Our aim is to bring you the best bingo offers and provide the information in a way that is easy to digest. We know the myriad of offers and bonuses can be somewhat confusing, so we have made it easy to find the right bingo site. We also aim to review sites fully, and we do so independently so that you can read about them before you join.

  • How are bonuses classified?

    There are 2 main types of bonuses – first deposit bonuses (or commonly known as welcome bonuses) and no-deposit bonuses. A first deposit bonus is usually given when you make your first deposit, and a no deposit bonus is given when you join a site without having to make a deposit. There are terms and conditions attached to each type of bonus and we strongly advise to consult these in each site to avoid disappointment.

  • Is no-deposit bingo really free?

    For all intents and purposes no-deposit bingo means that you can play without having to deposit your own money however there will be strings attached, such as not being able to withdraw any winnings made with this bonus and restrictions in the games that can be played. It is a good way to test a site and see whether you like it and there are plenty of sites that offer these bonuses.  Since bonuses change all the time we try to keep up to date as much as possible.

  • How do we review bingo sites?

    Bingopower strives to provide relevant, independent and impartial information. To put it bluntly if a bingo site does not cut it then it does not get listed. Those that do secure a listing are reviewed by joining them and playing so we can provide first hand knowledge. It is that simple! We then tell you about the site features, offers, community and bonuses available. As time passes by bingo sites evolve and change and we aim to revisit each one as often as possible to ensure that the information we provide is as relevant as possible.

  • How do we decide which sites to list?

    We take the criteria which most bingo players use to join a particular site. An obvious one is the bingo bonus on offer but there are other factors too. These include whether they have a good community of players, what incentives are offered to existing players, the quality of the bingo and games, the number of players in the games, the prizes and jackpots and whether there is a good range of side games such as slots and casino table games. Other important factors include the software which the bingo site uses for it’s games and where it is licensed.